Every relationship has its hiccups and every couple has their fights, but sometimes in the silence and in the calm, relationship die too.

They key to finding your true love, may be adjusting your “filters”.

They say the key to a healthy and long lasting relationship is communication. They also say having a healthy sex life is important too. And like all couples with young children will tell you, your sex life takes a hit after you have kids. It’s no secret that it can be difficult to find time […]

20 ways I drove my husband crazy after I had my baby.  Follow me on Facebook and Instagram  1. I didn’t ask for help but complained about not having any help. 2. When he did help I would complain that he did it wrong. 3. I cried more than our baby did. 4. I was always grumpy because […]

They reject your breasts like the plague. 2. They rather eat store bought baby food than the homemade food that took you hours to make. 3. They only sleep when you’re awake and wake once you’re fast asleep. 4 . The only part of you that gets any “sleep” is whatever part of your body they […]

Hey! I had my first feature and was published on Romper.com below is a link if you’re interested! Trust me, don’t let the title fool you.  I hated the newborn stage. There, I said it Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook & Instagram for all things relationships, marriage, and mommyhood. 

10 ways I thought I had motherhood figured out while I was pregnant. I was a first time mom-to-be in 2015. So as all first time moms, I read, I googled, I researched all things pregnancy and baby. I wanted to be prepared for it all. My husband and I bought cute outfits, decorated our […]