Monthly Archives: January 2017

What I really think of his female friends. 

How do I really feel about his female friends? If you would’ve asked me about my husband’s female friends back when we were just dating you would’ve gotten a completely different answer than the one I’d give now. Let’s take it back. The dumb-dumb I dated prior to my husband made me really pay attention […]

10 reason you may not be ready to be a parent. 

Top 10 signs you’re not ready to be a parent. 1. You’re not financially stable.  Sure, many people have children before they have solid careers. But this doesn’t mean you have to be. Ask any parent who has struggled with financial difficulties and they’ll tell you it’s better to wait. Between medical bills, diapers, formula, […]

The truth about marrying your high school sweetheart. 

The truth about marrying your high school sweet heart. It sounds like a fairytale. Isn’t it better to find love earlier in life rather than go through multiple heartaches and break ups? In some ways, yes, it’s romantic and amazing but in a lot of ways it’s challenging. Though my husband and I overcame these […]

The shame in being a stay at home mom.

The backlash of being a stay at home mom. (How women bash each other.) I didn’t intend on being a stay at home mom. I’ve been working since I was 19 and always liked having my own money. I never liked my jobs though, not one of them. I worked retail and had an office […]

10 terrible myths about having a daughter 

I myself have heard these statements throughout my pregnancy when people found out I was having a girl. There are so many negative myths and old wives tales about having a girl. It seems that people cheer when they hear you are having a boy and give you a sympathetic pat on the back when […]

10 ways men really say “I love you”.

10 ways men really say “I Love You”. We would like to think they’ll say some really romantic stuff. Something out of your favorite movie maybe. A poem, a song, a romance novel perhaps. But let’s be honest, real men are not that complicated. They’re saying it to us in more ways than we may […]

5 people who know he’s cheating. 

The 5 people that know he’s cheating.  1. His wingman.  Whether it’s his best friend or brother, they know.  2. His barber. They gossip more than we do. They brag too.  3. His doctor. His doctor will ask if he’s in a monogamous relationship, how many partners he’s had, and other questions to see if […]