Top 10 ways social media is ruining relationships. 

Just because we have internet connection, does not mean we are connected to our significant others.

Top 10 ways social media can ruin relationships. 

1. We seek publicity instead of intimacy. 

We eagerly await #WCW (woman crush Wednesday) and #MCM (man crush Monday) or any public display of affection a.k.a public social media post, to validate our significant others feelings.

2. We stalk instead of talk. 

We now obsessively stalk his/her page for clues, threats, or signs that something is going on. What did he/she mean by that ambiguous quote? Who’s that guy/girl liking all of their pictures? Is that his/her ex?

3. We touch our phones more than each other. 

We are so attached to our phones that we barely look or touch each other. At a restaurant, we are posting pictures on Instagram, checking in on Facebook, and uploading videos to Snapchat.

4. We stay in the past. 

We want our exes to see us happy or your boo’s ex to know he/she is better off with you. Or maybe you don’t want your “haters” to see any signs of you slowing down. We are so busy trying to pretend to be happy, that we don’t work on being happy in real life.

5. We have #relationshipgoals.

We compare ourselves to relationships that are not what they seem or may not even be what is right for us. If someone else’s relationship seems like a fairytale, we expect ours to be the same way. No one is sharing the whole truth, we only see the happy moments, but we forget that and crave their idealistic relationship.

6. We are passive aggressive.

We get angry. We post a cryptic quote online or a slew of angry relationship themed memes instead of talking and dealing with the issue at hand.

7. We stay in the past. 

What’s our ex up to? They can’t really be happy with out us, right? With our past one click away, it’s hard to avoid the temptation and indulging in the “what ifs” of life.

8. We stay in touch with the wrong people.

We are not meant to keep in touch with every single person we have ever met. Some of these friendships that were meant to fade away, stick around instead. Maybe including our current relationship as well. Plus with everyone being so accessible it can be difficult to completely end relationships in general.

9. We are afraid of embarrassment.

Often times break ups are more public than before. We may stay in a relationship rather than face the embarrassment of updating all our social media accounts only to be bombarded with questions and comments.

10. We’re plastic. 

There’s so much pressure to be perfect and share a perfect image of ourselves that we don’t allow our flaws to the surface. We refuse to put up “unfiltered” selfies which transcends into our actual relationship.


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