7 girlfriends that can ruin your marriage

1. The man basher:
This is pretty self explanatory. This friend constantly says things like “men are dogs” or “all men are the same”. She’ll likely agree with you when ever you confide in her after an argument with your husband. She will give you bias advice and support because she needs you to have the same luck with men as she does. As they say, misery needs company. Even when you’re wrong or had a little fight, she’ll rile you up. She’ll seem disappointed when you two make up.

2. The time capsule:

This friend has trouble seeing you change in anyway. Sure, you shouldn’t do a complete 180 now that your in a relationship or married, but things will be different. She may be resistant to any change for fear of being left behind. This is normal, but complete resistance to you changing in anyway is extreme.

3. The wet blanket:

She complains about everything even on happy occasions. She may ruin happy moments in your life like wedding planning. She says she’s supportive and happy for you but acts a different way. 

4. The delinquent:

She’s always up to no good, and perhaps you used to be her partner in crime. But now she’s having a hard time with the new you. She pokes fun of your “good behavior” or says you’re “acting” different. She’ll say things like “you’re no fun anymore”. She’ll make you feel guilty for not being available as you were before or acting the way you did when you were single.

5. The inside job:

She pretends to be rooting for you but isn’t on your team. She secretly wants your relationship to not work out or perhaps not be as smooth as it is. Maybe it’s jealousy or maybe it’s fear, but either way she is sabotaging your relationship. She seems to care about you until she sees that you are doing better than her or seem happier than her.

6. The superstar: 

She needs all of the attention. She refuses to let you shine during special moments in your life. She may try to draw attention away from you or say things to ruin happy moments similar to the “wet blanket”. She may even say things that make you question yourself or may shake your confidence. She may make comments about your weight or appearance. 

7. The damsel in distress:

She’s always in need of saving. She’s always complaining about her relationship. In fact you’re not even sure why she’s still married. She’s miserable and always talking negatively about her husband. Women like this tend to have trouble seeing others happily married. She may try to convince you that your husband is just as bad as hers. No marriage is perfect, but her roller coaster relationship will take everyone on a ride sooner or later. 


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