Polls are in: women want a romantic asshole

We women are a complicated breed. We’re hard to figure out. Yes, I’ll admit we’re a bit crazy. But just how crazy you ask? Here’s a list of the type of guys we don’t want. It’ll leave you more baffled as to what we do want. Confused? Good. We’re doing our job. Here goes. 

We DON’T want SpongeBob. 

Sure, he’s fun loving and a bit ditzy. He’s a loyal friend even a bit too loyal. He’s foolish and gullible. He’s a square (ha!)

We DON’T want Barney (How I Met Your Mother) a.k.a the player. 

Yeah, he’s smooth. He’s a sweet talker. But it’s like playing a game we’ll never win.

We DON’T want Jerry Seinfeld (The character not the actor).

He’s funny. He’s a good friend. But that dude was a serial dater. We don’t want someone who’s dated everyone. Plus he definitely fits neatly in the friend-zone. 

We DON’T want Stefan (Family Matters)

He’s charming but he’s just an empty shell. I mean come on, even Laura ended up with Steve Urkel. 

We KINDA want Ross (Friends)

Okay, he came close. He’s cute, adorable, smart, funny, loyal, and sweet. But he stayed in the friend zone because he was too afraid to admit his feelings. Also, he’s emotional and sensitive and cheated on Rachel (I mean, he was on a break! Sorry Ross). 

We were CLOSE with Jax Teller (Sons of Anarchy)

He’s handsome. Hell do anything for his family. He’s got a soft side but he’s a complete badass. He’s got a Harley. But he left a trail of blood every where he went! Oh, Jax! 

So who is insane enough to match our crazy? 

Rick “Motherf*cking” Grimes.

I’m talking Rick after he lost his sh*t. He’s loyal. He’s handsome. He’s crazy. He’s tough. Though he leaves dead bodies behind, it’s always his last option and completely necessary. Daryl was good runner up. Rick is definitely a romantic asshole. We want someone who will keep us on our toes, call us out when we need to snap out of it, he won’t take any sh*t, but yet he’s a gentleman.

What do you think? Who didn’t make the list?

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