5 people who know he’s cheating. 

The 5 people that know he’s cheating. 

1. His wingman. 

Whether it’s his best friend or brother, they know. 

2. His barber.

They gossip more than we do. They brag too. 

3. His doctor.

His doctor will ask if he’s in a monogamous relationship, how many partners he’s had, and other questions to see if there are any risky behaviors or warning signs that he needs to be checked a little more throughly or frequently.

4. His coworker(s).

Most affairs occur at the workplace. If not, cheaters use work time in some way to conduct their affairs, like phone calls or visits in between breaks. 

5. You. 

If you have a gut feeling, there’s a 99.9% he is cheating. 


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