10 reason you may not be ready to be a parent. 

Top 10 signs you’re not ready to be a parent.

1. You’re not financially stable. 

Sure, many people have children before they have solid careers. But this doesn’t mean you have to be. Ask any parent who has struggled with financial difficulties and they’ll tell you it’s better to wait. Between medical bills, diapers, formula, and clothes, you’ve heard it time and time again, children are expensive! 

2. You’re selfish.

We all are in some way or another but if you are selfish with your time or money you may want to hold off on having kids. You will have little to no personal time for a while once your baby is born. I mean, unless you’re lucky enough to hire assistants and nannies. 

3. You’re not in a stable relationship.

It takes a village to raise a child. This isn’t just a cute quote or saying, it’s the truth. Some would argue that children don’t need the traditional mother and father roles in their lives, maybe you’re thinking of adopting or whatever your case may be, you need to have your “village”. There needs to be a stable partner in your life of stable relationships with the people that will help you raise your child/children.

4. You’ve never been alone with or cared for a baby. 

Though babysitting still won’t give you the full 24/7 experience of being a parent it will give you a glimpse of what it’s really like. It’s not all “shit and giggles”.

5. You can barely take care of your pets. 

Not that puppies and babies are the same, but there are some similarities. You clean up after them, feed them, take them to the doctor…oh and unlike a puppy you can’t just find it a new home if you grow tired of all the work it takes. 

6. You think being a parent will be fun. 

Maybe reality TV, movies, or your favorite celeb made you think having a baby would be as fun as playing with dolls when you were little. If you’re dreaming of cute outfits, play dates, and the baby on the diaper boxes, think again. Sure, eventually it’ll be fun and you’ll eventually get the hang of being a parent (hopefully) but it is a roller coaster. Being a parent can be scary, definitely stressful, and a lot of work.

7. You think it’ll fix a failing relationship.

I’m not going to even get into this one too much. It won’t make a relationship better, period. Even the strongest relationships will be tested.

8. You think you’re ready because all of your friends are having kids.

You may feel like the odd one out but this isn’t a reason to join the club. 

9. You’re worried about your biological clock.

If your chief reason to get pregnant is because of your age, think again. Being a parent should not be based on your race to beat the clock. I know, it may be scary, it feels like it’s now or never. This decision should not be made based on societal milestones. Talk to your doctor and get informed of your options, time may be something you can extend or you may have other options than to rush this decision.

10. You can barely take care of yourself.

Are you still asking your parents for help paying bills? Are you always in constant need of help to get out of sticky situations? Maybe your car is always breaking down or your rent is always passed due. Worst of all, are your parents still making your doctor appointments for you? Really? 

Truth is, you’ll never be 100% ready to be a parent. But I would hold off if you’ve got baby fever just because you’ve seen some cute babies. 


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