Monthly Archives: February 2017

Our decision to only have one child.

Defending  our decision to only have one child. People are shocked when my husband and I say we are “team one and done”, that we only want one child. Usually a debate erupts and people try to convince us that we are selfish or crazy for not having at least one more. We usually cock […]

I don’t want an “old school” love. 

I don’t want “old school” love. You didn’t read wrong. I said I DON’T want an old school love. For a while now, it’s been the thing to say. Our generation is quick to say that we want what our parents or grandparents had, the type of relationship that lasted a lifetime. But was it […]

The “good guys” in the friend-zone. 

Good guys in the friend zone. They say good guys finish last. And rumor has it that women like bad boys. All the guys we keep in the “friend-zone” are guys we say are “too nice” or “just like a brother”. Sound familiar? So, is it true? Do we keep good guys in the friend-zone? […]

10 things husbands don’t admit. 

10 things husbands don’t admit 1. You were right about his friend.  There’s usually that one friend that doesn’t have his best interests at heart and you can tell right away. He won’t admit it. When he finally realizes you’re right he’ll slowly pull away and blame it on something else like they just “grew […]

Marriage “bucket list”?

Should you have a marriage “bucket list”? You’ve heard of a bucket list, right? A list of all the things you want to do before you “kick the bucket”. But what about a marriage bucket list? Sure, most of the things on your bucket list are things you’ll experience together but not all. Our bucket […]

10 things only husbands with “pumping wives” would know. 

I couldn’t have stuck to pumping as long as I have with out my husband’s support. He woke up for late night feedings so I could pump and pushed me to continue when I really wanted to give up. Our pumping journey hasn’t been easy but looking back now there are some pretty funny things […]

7 comebacks for those nagging questions about having children. 

Are you getting the “When are you having kids?” question or the constant nagging for not having one yet? Maybe you’re not ready or just don’t want kids. Here are some sarcastic and witty comebacks. Sometimes it’s more fun to just be a jerk.  1. “What if you wait too long and it’s too late?” […]