The lies we tell our guys 

The top lies we tell our guys: 

During the “just talking”, getting to know each other, or dating phase, guys are not the only ones putting on a show. We hold back some information and tone down our crazy for as long as we can. Here are some of the lies we tell.

We’re not crazy:

Let’s face it, we are all a bit nuts. Guys love it, don’t let them tell you otherwise. Of course there are some kinds of crazy that are too crazy, but just to be safe, we hide some of our emotions, thoughts, and feelings neatly away for a better day. Come on, we don’t tell them that we’ve already planned OUR wedding, or choose OUR baby names. We don’t mention that it’s been a little too long since he’s called. We don’t want to come off too clingy, too serious, or too well…crazy. At least not yet. We play hard to get.

We are not like other girls:

You may of heard of or actually know their exes. Maybe you’ve heard she was clingy so you pretend not to miss him, pretend you don’t even notice he’s not around, even though deep down your “crazy” is fighting to escape and call him or text him. Perhaps you want to be different from other girls he may have been with before so badly even to the point where you temporarily become “different”. All of a sudden you’re into sports, or watching that television show you used to hate, you laugh a little harder at stupid jokes, or take up a hobby you normally wouldn’t have. Or worse, we pretend to be the “cool girlfriend” and act like typical things that do bother us, actually don’t.

We are perfect:

We exaggerate how perfect we are. Our hair, nails, makeup, and clothes are all well done and thought out. We pretend we don’t do anything human like poop, fart, blow our noses, burp, or anything “gross”. We eat really neat and “cute” and we put so much pressure on being extra “girly”.

We don’t want to change them:

Of course we love them or are at least falling in love with them. There are many things we love about them but be honest, every girl wants to change or eventually changes at least one thing about their man. Maybe he smokes and you want him to quit or he’s always late and you make a big deal about being on time. Or maybe it’s a little more vain like the way he dresses. Whether it’s on purpose or not, we do change things about them. And their friends will notice, that’s okay we can change those too (LOL, kidding). 

We don’t care, do what you want:

Whenever we say that, we are so full of sh*t. That’s code for “If you do it I’ll be so mad and you’ll never hear the end of it”. 

So yeah, we put on a bit of an act. It may not be entirely on purpose but be honest, we’ve all toned down something about ourselves or maybe held out on revealing something personal. Guys do it too. Eventually though, we’ll be back to normal and eventually we find that person who loves all that we show and all that we…wait to reveal. What did you wait to reveal? How long did you wait to really “let your hair down”? 
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