Why pumping drives us crazy!

Let’s face it. You have to be a little nuts to stick to exclusively pumping. 

Breast is best. That’s what they keep telling us. You’ve heard of all of the benefits of breastfeeding but you never imagined it would be THIS hard! Whether your exclusively pumping because of latch issues, health reasons, or work, it’s way harder than you would have thought. Exclusively pumping can drive you crazy between the schedule, pain, and over or under producing, you’ll be a on an emotional roller coaster the whole way through. 

10 ways pumping drives us crazy! 

1. You spend so much time with your pump, that you swear, it sounds like it’s talking to you. I swear it sounds like mine is saying “Hello, hello, hello”.

2. Your breasts require just as much care as your newborn between nursing pads, nipple cream, and nursing bras, you feel like you’ve never pampered them more. Yet, they feel like they’re going to fall off!

3. You have to plan your whole day around pumping. Especially in the beginning. In the beginning, you’re sometimes pumping every 2 hours or so. You try to fit in a life somewhere around that or only go places that you can pump if you need to. 

4. You go crazy trying to find that “magic” recipe that’ll help your produce more. Whether it’s cookies, shakes, teas, or some weird recipe online, you’ll try and have tried just about anything.

5. Almost everyday you’ll say “I quit!”. Then you feel guilty and continue on

6. You feel like your pump is a ball and chain. 

7. You thought pumping would be less work but now your washing more bottles and pump parts than you ever imagined. 

8. You don’t need an alarm clock. Between a crying baby and painfully engorged breasts, one of the two will likely wake you up. 

9. Everyone tells you to nap when the baby naps and it makes you want to scream! Pumping moms know, that’s usually the time we are…pumping. Heck we pump during every “free moment” we get. 

10. You have so much more sympathy for cows. You feel just like one!

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