Marriage isn’t always the next step 

Sometimes we set up rules that are not a perfect match for our actual lives. Often times I’ll hear woman have rules about the amount of dates they’ll have before a kiss or before sex. Some women have a certain amount of dates before they’ll expect him to propose. So how do you know if marriage is the next step? Well, it depends on what marriage is to you, what being married means to you and what kind of marriage you want. There are some moments that bring forth the thought of marriage but may not mean marriage is the next step. Marriage is NOT the next step in these cases: 

1. You’re concerned about your age. 

You think you’re getting too old.

2. You hear your biological clock ticking. You think it’s now or never because you want kids.

3. You’re lonely.You think it’ll fill a void.

4. Well, someone asked. He proposed, so you just say “Yes”even though you’re not 100% sure. 

5. To get over heartbreak. 

You think it’ll take the pain away.

6. To join the crowd.
All of your friends are married.

7. For the kids. 

You think it’ll somehow work out, plus you have kids.

8. You’ve been dating long enough.
It’s been years so logically you should get married, right?

9. Because he’s been patient long enough. 
How long can you expect him to “wait”. 

10. To save your troubled relationship. 

You think it’ll bring you two closer and stop all of the arguing and fighting. 

To each its own and marriage means different things to everyone but if your primary reason for getting married is one or more of the above listed reasons you may be getting married for all the wrong reasons. A lot of women often settle because they feel that it’s the “right time” perhaps because of their age, because all of their friends are married, or because they’ve been in a relationship for a while even if it may not seem like the right person. Some think it’ll save a relationship or strengthen a bond, but marriage isn’t a solution. Are you getting married for all the right reasons or because it seems like the right thing to do? 

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