There should be a “mom code”. 

There should be a mom code.

I’m sure someone has already said this but it’s worth restating. Can we follow these simple 10 rules of mom code, please?

1. Unless I’m seriously endangering my child, please only give advice if you are asked.

2. Stop comparing my child to yours. You may do so in your head, but please keep it to yourself. 

3. This isn’t a competition. Stop trying to make it one. 

4. Don’t mock my style of parenting. Again, keep that voice inside your head. 

5. Don’t think your child is innocent and I won’t pretend either. If they fight, it doesn’t mean we need to. Let’s be the adults. 

6. Use your inside voice. If we don’t agree on something, yelling won’t change my mind. Whether you’re pro this or anti that, whether breastfed or formula fed, I don’t care to argue with you. 

7. Stop being “negative Nancy”. Every time I say something good I don’t need you to follow up with a blow to the head. 


Me: Jimmy took his first steps today.

Nancy: Oh, yeah? Well just wait till he walks out of you life when he finds a girlfriend and it won’t be so cute anymore. 

8. Keep your sick kids home or at least away from young babies. Stop saying germs are good for them. I’m already not sleeping, stop being a d*ck. 

9. Don’t tell me how to discipline my child. If you’re against or for spankings that’s your choice. I will do what works for my child and my family. 

10. All moms have it rough in some way or another. Whether your work or are a stay at home mom, we ALL face some troubles, so try being nice. Play nice with other moms, after all our children are watching. No, seriously, they’re literally staring at us right now. Crap. Just act natural. 

What else would you add to the list?

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