7 comebacks for those nagging questions about having children. 

Are you getting the “When are you having kids?” question or the constant nagging for not having one yet? Maybe you’re not ready or just don’t want kids. Here are some sarcastic and witty comebacks. Sometimes it’s more fun to just be a jerk. 

1. “What if you wait too long and it’s too late?”

Answer: “What if I go through with it and realize too late that it’s just not for me? Is there a return policy or something?”

2. “Do you hate kids or something?”

Answer: “No, just yours.”

3. “It’ll be the best thing that ever happened to you”.

Answer: “Then why are you always complaining?”

4. “My kids need someone to play with.”

Answer: “Who says my kid will even like yours? I mean, it’ll be my kid after all. They’ll be something like me, right?”

5. “What are you waiting for?”

Answer: “Some competition. No ones has had any cute kids lately.”

6. “You’ll make such a good mother.”

Answer: “Duh. I mean if you can do it, why wouldn’t I be good at it?”

7. “Are you having trouble conceiving?”

Answer: “No. (do sexual hand gestures that are pretty graphic). This is still the way they’re making babies nowadays, right? 

It’s all in fun. Relax! I know some people ask and do not mean any harm. But mind your own ovaries! You never know, someone may not want children or may not be able to have children. 


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