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10 things only husbands with “pumping wives” would know. 

I couldn’t have stuck to pumping as long as I have with out my husband’s support. He woke up for late night feedings so I could pump and pushed me to continue when I really wanted to give up. Our pumping journey hasn’t been easy but looking back now there are some pretty funny things only husbands with wives that have pumped would understand and as a thank you to my husband and all of those out there that support us, here’s my list of ten things only they’d understand. 

1. Trying to make eye contact and not stare at her boobs, but they’re out all of the time!

2. I knew the baby would wake up crying and uncomfortable sometimes but I didn’t expect my wife to do the same because of her boobs.

3. Now I know terms like engorged, let down, and colostrum. 

4. Some men get the dreaded “I’m too tired” or “I have a headache”. We get “I have to pump”. 

5. I never thought I’d have to fight over boob-time. 

6. I knew my wife had to watch what she ate when she was pregnant but I didn’t know there would be so many rules while pumping too. 

7. More people than I could count have seen my wife’s boobs and I’m so used to it now.

8. I never knew breasts could handle so much. I mean, have you seen what pumps do to nipples?

9. Speaking of nipples, who knew they could erect that much! I was in amazement once that pump started going. 

10. I was confused half the time. My wife cried when she didn’t make enough milk or in pain when she made too much. She sometimes cried when she had to pump and sometimes cried when she was unable to pump. 

What would you add to the list? Ask your husbands and let me know! Please follow me on Facebook & Instagram!


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