10 things husbands don’t admit. 

10 things husbands don’t admit

1. You were right about his friend. 

There’s usually that one friend that doesn’t have his best interests at heart and you can tell right away. He won’t admit it. When he finally realizes you’re right he’ll slowly pull away and blame it on something else like they just “grew apart”. 

2. Female intuition is real.

You were right about a bunch of things. You tried to warn him but he swears your “gut feelings” are not real. He won’t admit it but you’re pretty spot on about a lot of things. 

3. Mommy knows best.

If you have children, he usually regrets not listening to you in the first place when it comes to them. 

4. His mother is crazy.

Maybe he won’t admit it but he’s defiantly aware of how crazy she is. 

5. He’s turning into his dad.

As he gets older he can’t help but to do and say certain things just the way his father did. Hey, it happens to us all.

6. You remind him of his mother.

No matter how different you two are you’re bound to have some similarities. He won’t point them out to you because he values his life but you have some things in common. 

7. He looks at other women.

I don’t care how madly in love he is with you, I’m sorry but he looks at other women and yes, he finds other women attractive. If you’re honest with yourself, we all do it. It’s human nature to notice beautiful things. 

8. His friends gossip more than yours.

And they give a hell of a lot more details. They are way more graphic than we are. They brag, they boast, and they sometimes show proof. Yup, they’ll share pictures and texts with the group, especially if it’s a girl they’re not taking too seriously.

9. He pretends to understand what he did wrong so you’ll shut up. 

After hours of arguing most men will just say what they need to so that there’s an end to all the bickering. That’s why we tend to fight about the same thing a few days later. The more we talk, the less they understand. 

10. He couldn’t walk a day in your shoes.

Most men will say we women have it easy. We’re sensitive, we’re spoiled, we are put on a pedestal, or treated like glass. They’ll even say what we do (taking care of the kids, cooking, cleaning, or whatever your duties may be) is easy and they could do it too if they had to. But truthfully, they go nuts with just half our responsibilities. Women by nature can multitask way better than men. It’s a fact. No, seriously, it is. 

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