20 funny ways your baby “betrays” you.

  1. They reject your breasts like the plague.


2. They rather eat store bought baby food than the homemade food that took you hours to make.


3. They only sleep when you’re awake and wake once you’re fast asleep.


4 . The only part of you that gets any “sleep” is whatever part of your body they fall asleep on.


5. You spend hours researching and reading reviews on various toys. Then you wait days or weeks for delivery, only to have them completely ignore your latest online splurge and play with the box instead.


6. You baby-proof everything, except for that one spot they happen to tumble on.


7. After mealtime their bib is still in pretty good condition yet their clothes are completely soiled, the floors are sticky, and you have avocado in your hair.


8. The one time. you actually need them to stay awake, they won’t.


9. They seem to only be cranky when you need to do something for yourself like eat, shower, or use the bathroom.


10. You tell someone “He’s a good baby” and then he throws a complete tantrum.


11. You’re so excited your little one finally has teeth, that’s until they bite you just for fun.


12. You let them sleep in your bed even though you swore you never would only to get kicked in the face a dozen times, wake up without a blanket, and end up all the way at the edge of the bed holding on for dear life.


13. They won’t drink water that you offer them in that third cup you’ve tried yet they’ll happily drink their bath water.


14. Of all the television shows, they always seem to like the one that annoys you the most. And they’ll watch it over and over and over.


15. Speaking of annoying, they’ll play with that one toy that you wish you could throw out the window over and over and over!


16. The one day you dress them in the cutest outfit ever, they’ll have a major blow out.


17. You just put on a brand-spanking-new diaper and they poop the minute you snap it shut.


18. The moment they’re doing something completely worth recording or snapping a picture of, they immediately stop once you pull your camera or phone out.


19. You finally get around to tossing the toys they no longer play with and all of a sudden they can’t live without them.


20. You go crazy planning the perfect birthday party only to have them sleep through the entire thing!


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