20 ways I annoyed my husband after we had a baby. 

20 ways I drove my husband crazy after I had my baby. 

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1. I didn’t ask for help but complained about not having any help.

2. When he did help I would complain that he did it wrong.

3. I cried more than our baby did.

4. I was always grumpy because I kept forgetting to eat but I’d get angry every time he reminded me to eat. 

5. I cried “No more children” on bad days and whispered “Maybe one more” on good days. 

6. I spent all of our free time discussing various theories and techniques to get our baby to sleep. 

7. I complained more than I said “Thank you”.

8. I spent more time with my pump.

9. I told him our daughter needed to cry it out. When he’d let her cry it out, I asked “how could you be so heartless!?”

10. Even though he worked crazy hours, I told him he had it easier. 

11. I told him I would die if I didn’t sleep. So he told me to go to sleep, and well, I couldn’t fall asleep.

12. If he was in the mood I’d ask “how could you be in the mood at a time like this?!” And if he wasn’t I’d ask “how could you not be in the mood at a time like this?!”. 

13. I asked for some alone time, then complained about being alone.

14. Every time he would show me something our daughter did I’d say “yeah I saw that already”.

15. I kept ordering things online and buying anything I thought would help her sleep and they never did work.

16. I would feel guilty when I didn’t have time to make dinner but then felt overwhelmed when I got a chance to cook.

17. I complained about my body but if he complimented me I’d roll my eyes. 

18. I told him to get take out and when he did I’d ask “are you trying to get me fat or something?”.

19. I pretended I was sleeping so he would wake up first. 

20. I took a long time in the bathroom because it was my only “break” but sometimes he really had to go! 


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