Date Night Subscription Boxes for couples.

Subscription boxes for couples 


Two words–date night. We all know the importance of setting aside time for our partners, but that’s easier said than done. And let’s face it, date night is a luxury especially if you have demanding careers and/or children. Even if you’re lucky enough to have time to keep a date night routine, it can, well…become too routine. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of subscription boxes that range from everything like clothing, make up, and even food, but what about subscription boxes for couples? My husband and I don’t get out much between work and our baby, it’s tough. Whatever your reason, these subscription boxes might be the very thing to get you out of your rut and bring that spark back into your relationship. 


1. The Fantasy Date Box: This one is exactly how it sounds. This box is more on the risqué side, which can be exciting. According to their websites The Fantasy Date Night box offers “Sexy, adventurous date nights with themes ranging from romantic to risqué. In every box, you’ll receive a range of items, from lingerie to candles, massagers to lollypops, customized to each theme.” You basically choose fantasies that you enjoy and they’ll send a personalized box filled with everything you’ll need. It can range from “50 shades of gray” to something a bit milder like a massage or spa theme, depending on your preference. I think this would be a fun gift for a bride-to-be or for couples who need to reconnect on a more physical level. 


2. Date Box Club: Has “Netflix and chill” gotten a bit old? Then this next one is perfect for the couples that like to stay in or have no choice in the matter (like those of us with younger children). My husband and I will be trying this one soon, so be on the look out for our review! I chose this one because it seems mellow. I don’t want anything that require a lot of work (like cooking). Each box is a surprise. Some themes have been a recreation of “Paint Night” in the comfort of your own home. Boxes include all kinds of activities, games, and sometimes even interesting snacks to try together. This is a great pick me up or break from routine. I think this one is perfect for couples who have recently had a baby and in all of the chaos need to reconnect in the little time they do get to spend together (aka me and my husband). 

3. Hello Fresh: This one is for couples that have a little extra time on their hands, those that are empty nesters, don’t have children, of have older children. Also, as a bonus, who ever is the primary chef at home gets a bit of a break, or at least some help. Cooking together can really be a way to bond, but only if it isn’t a complete disaster. Subscription boxes like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron are perfectly constructed to make cooking fun and simple. Ingredients are pre-measured and everything you’ll need arrives at your doorstep with step by step introductions. It’s almost fool proof. This is definitely something I would try with my husband if and when we get our lives on track again! 


4. Crated with love: This one is similar to Date Box Club but it’s for couples who are going through a rough patch. According to their website “Many other subscription boxes focus on the items within. We are a little different. Every item in each box has a designated purpose in building skills in your relationship. We do not source items based on price or perceived value, but rather on how well they connect with our theme and activities. If you are looking to get a bunch of “things”, Crated with Love may not be the best fit. However, if you are looking for specialized date night activities focused on improving your relationship skills as a couple, we are here for you!”. I would recommend this one for couples that are having trouble communicating, reconnecting, or have lost their way. 

5. Date Box: This one is a bit more flexible. Date Box offers both options: date night at home or out on the town. Yep, you heard me right! You can have a subscription box with everything needed for a date night indoors or they can plan the perfect date night out for you and your significant other. Definitely a game changer. Sometimes it can be frustrating trying to figure out something new to do, and this takes the pressure off of the both of you. I also really like the element of surprise. 

It’s a new age! Everything is delivered at our doorstep, so why not a date night? Which one would you try? Follow me on Facebook & Instagram to see which ones I’ll try! 


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