Stop calling the “missionary position” vanilla, here’s why. 

Maybe missionary isn’t as vanilla as we think. 


The missionary position gets a bad rap: it’s boring, lazy, basic. Who’d want to brag about the most basic of all positions when revealing anything about their sex life? We all feel the pressure to keep the spice alive, to be inventive and creative in the bedroom. But I’m here to tell you, missionary may not be as vanilla as you’ve been told. It’s seems nowadays sex has to be over the top like a dramatic, over exaggerated, porn scene. 

“I say do whatever the f*ck gets you to orgasm and stop worrying”

Though there are some instances that call for sex while hanging from a chandelier, with a whip, and handcuffs, sometimes nothing else is needed but two willing bodies. So, instead of being embarrassed if missionary is your go-to position, celebrate it. Missionary is perhaps the most intimate position of them all. And don’t assume just because the word intimate is associated with missionary, I in anyway mean it’s sweet and soft. Missionary can be just as passionate, wild, and stimulating as other more daring positions. Perhaps of all the positions, missionary allows for more skin to skin and eye contact. A lot of the risqué and popular positions that are considered more sexy and fun, require a lot more work, particularly for women. And not that I’m encouraging “lazy sex” but sometimes when we put aside a lot of the antics, and let sex unravel in it’s pure form, it can be far more rewarding. I say do whatever the f*ck gets you to orgasm and stop worrying about the aesthetics of the whole thing. 


But let’s be honest, variety is the spice of life and men tend to think missionary isn’t exciting. That doesn’t mean we need to throw missionary out entirely, in fear that you’ll be doing your partner an injustice. I’m here to save missionary style! Missionary style, isn’t vanilla anymore. In fact their are several variations. 

Click below for Cosmopolitan’s 5 ways to spice up the missionary position. 

You’ll thank me later! Click away. 

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