Relax guys, you don’t have to last that long in bed. 

Good news guys, you don’t have to last forever in bed.

Typically I would complain about all of the unrealistic pressure our society puts on women, but for now, let’s shine some light on the pressure that we put on men, as far as sex at least. Men have a lot of pressure on them to have…uhh…the stamina and size to satisfy women. For millions of years, okay I’m exaggerating, but for a long long time we have been telling men that we need them to last a long time in bed. In fact, we usually dog guys that don’t last very long in bed. If you just take a look at all of the products on the market to help men last longer, it’s seems that women want sex to be a marathon and men are eager to keep up. But according to a recent study, that might not be the truth for most.

According to a study done by a sex toy company, Lovely, couples that are more satisfied in bed are having sex within 11 minutes. Not an hour, not even 1/2 an hour. So, perhaps Missy Elliot wasn’t completely wrong by saying she didn’t want “a minute man”, but what about 11? 11 glorious minutes. According to the survey, couples that clocked in at 11 minutes were 80% satisfied compared to 60% when they lasted 15 minutes. When I was a virgin, I had heard time and time again how important it was that sex lasted, well, that men needed to last in bed. I assumed that sex should last some where around an hour. I mean sex lasts pretty long in pornography and it’s carefully edited in movies to seem the same way too, sometimes. But as an adult, I have to say that’s such crap! Who are these people that need hours for sex? Who are these people that even have the time for anything more than 20 minutes? 

I don’t know about you guys, but mastering “the quickie” has literally saved my sex life. With work, life, and a baby I don’t have time for a lot of fuss. But even with out the “baby” excuse, if sex lasted as long as I thought it should have when I was a virgin, that would mean I wasn’t getting much or any satisfaction. What I mean, sometimes you just get each other and know where to touch and what to do. Of course some moments cause for an extended amount of “alone time” but long sex romps are not the only way to measure satisfaction. 

So guys, you can breathe a sigh of relief, we don’t need you to last an hour. Thoughts?

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