7 Ways To Channel “50 Shades Of Grey” This Valentine’s Day.

It’s almost that time of the year again. You know… Valentine’s Day. And with the release of the last “50 Shades of Grey” flick “Freed” set to drop a few days before, I’m feeling a little inspired. Here are 7 ways to channel your inner Anastasia Steel/Christian Grey just in time for Valentine’s Day.

1. Fantasy box (www.thefantasybox.com)

(Image via giphy.com)

Subscription boxes have literally taken over the world in recent years. Nowadays you can sign up for boxes based on your hobbies or interests like book clubs and make up subscriptions. Recently, my husband and I tried a date-night subscription box that delivered everything we would need for a date-night at home which was perfect for us because we have a little one and barely get to spend quality time together. But, guys, there’s a subscription box that delivers everything you and your partner will need to play out a fantasy. Boxes range in prices and themes. The Fantasy Box has a “The Grey Area” themed box that’ll turn your ordinary Valentine’s Day into a night in the Red Room.

2. Paddle.

(Via Amazon.com $12)

No “50 Shades of Grey” fantasy can even begin with out a paddle. It can be playful or rough, just make sure you get the “okay” from your partner. And as always, have a safety word chosen before you begin.

3. Take me to the red room socks.

(Via Etsy.com $12)

If you want to be a little more subtle, this is the way to go. These socks playfully hint that you’re open to something a little more risqué.

4. Leather cuffs.

(Via Etsy.com $39)

If you’re ready to dive a little deeper into the fantasy and feel safe allowing one partner to be in control try these.

5. Grey bath bombs.

(Via Etsy.com $13.95)

If you’re still feeling a little timid or perhaps going full on Anastasia Steel and Christian Grey isn’t your cup of tea, try these bath bombs that’ll set the mood for a sultry and more sensual night.

6. Blindfold.

(Via Etsy.com $54.95)

Again, this one is about trust. And allows you to focus all your senses on what you are feeling.

7. Edible candle-body-massage oil.

This is a candle that doubles as a scented and flavored massage oil. I mean, do I really need to explain this one?

Go on you love birds, get a little down and dirty this Valentine’s Day!

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