Get him this for Valentine’s Day, thank us later.


I mean…. I feel like I know my husband well, but shopping for him especially around Valentine’s Day is hard! I’m easy! Flowers, chocolate, jewelry, dinner…. okay perhaps not easy but it’s pretty basic stuff. As I’ve Googled and searched my way through list after list, I’m sorry but, Valentine’s Day gifts for men are pretty lame. I don’t think my husband would jump for joy over our names carved in wood or another pair of boxers. So I’ve compiled a list (with the help of my husband) to save the day.

1. Love in a box.

This one is pretty on trend. Subscription boxes are everywhere! You can order anything like clothing, make-up, and even food subscriptions. Choose something you know that he’s into. If he’s into fitness perhaps try a healthy food/snack subscription like Graze (Graze.com) or if he’s a 90’s baby that’s feeling nostalgic try the Nick Box from Nickelodeon packed with a bunch of 90’s merchandise (www.thenickbox.com). And don’t worry, if you’re on a budget you don’t have to sign up for an entire year. Most subscription boxes allow you to order one box, 3 months, or 6 months. They’re becoming more and more flexible. It’s kind of fun anticipating something in the mail other than your 3am shopping regret or bills.

(Pic credit: Graze.com)

2. Sweatpants with socks. Hear me out.

Okay. It’s a pretty brutal winter for us in NY. Can you relate? These sweatpants are the perfect gift! In fact, buy yourself a pair too. These sweats come with feet! Perfect for those ice cold feet and if he gets too warm he can simple roll them up. They are really cozy and come in a ton of patterns and colors. Everyone needs these! Where have these been my whole life!?


3. Magazine subscription.

Uh, I know what you’re thinking. Everything is digital nowadays. Who actually bothers to open up the paper or a magazine nowadays? That’s the problem. We need some away time from our devices. Magazine subscriptions are now cheaper than ever so take advantage of it. Again, choose based on his hobbies or interests.


4. Deck out his man-cave.

Add something to his “man cave” like a hammock (who doesn’t want one of those?) or a new gaming system.


5. Plan the “anti-Valentine’s-day”.

Valentine’s Day gets a bad wrap as being all for women. Why not take the lead and plan something less traditional and keep his interests in mind. Try a haunted house walking tour if you’re brave enough or an arcade. Top the night off with a more casual dinner like tapas and beer.


6. “Care-package”.

Okay, so typically you send these to loved ones that you don’t see often as a pick-me-up or to remind them that you care. But isn’t that the point of Valentine’s Day? So compile all the things he wouldn’t typically buy for himself but he needs/wants like cozy socks, new underwear, his favorite candies from his childhood, funny pajamas, books you think he’d like, warm gloves (hey, I said it’s been a rough winter okay?), etc.

(Northface Etip gloves dickssportinggoods.com)

What do you think?

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