Get HER These Gifts For Valentine’s Day For The Win!

Flowers? Check. Chocolate. Check. Fancy dinner at an overpriced and crowded restaurant? Check. Now that we’ve gotten all of the cliches off of the table…let’s get to business. Get her something that’ll have her looking passed the garbage you forgot to take out or the dishes you left on the table, well, at least for a little while.

Image via Giphy.com

She’ll swoon over these not-so-typical Valentine’s Day gifts.

1. The anti-bouquet.

Sure, flowers are a Valentine’s Day staple but they die. What about flowers that’ll last forever? This Etsy seller encases real flowers in jewelry! My suggestion? Buy or request a piece with your wife’s favorite flowers or flowers that have a special meaning like flowers that were in her bouquet.

Via Etsy.com Seller: Wishes On The Wind

2. To the moon & back.

Whether you’re a fan of “This is Us” or “Game of Thrones”, the moon has been used almost everywhere lately especially on these shows in particular as a symbol of love, “I love you to the moon and back”. Buy jewelry or these candles that incorporate that very idea.

Via Etsy.com Sellers: Sassy Souls Boutique & Silver Dollar Candle Co.

3. Blind for love.

So this one is a bit of a splurge. Gucci recently released a new line of “Blind for Love” pieces that are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Via Gucci.com

4. The day off.

Image via Giphy.com

Ah—no dishes, laundry, mopping, scrubbing, or lifting a finger? I think every busy mom would appreciate this one! Send her to the spa, to get her nails done, or whatever the hell she wants to do. Cap the night off with dinner at her favorite restaurant or even better, a dinner you cooked yourself.

5. Gift sets with thought.

Via maccosmetics.com

Gift sets are everywhere in preparation for the big day but be wary. I would suggest before buying any gifts sets to still consider your wife’s favorite brands, scents, and products. Don’t just grab and go! Sometimes buying pre-packaged gift sets can seem impersonal unless you choose wisely. But if you consider her favorite things to stock up on or limited edition products like the one above, you may be on the right track. A lot of brands offer limited edition or special Valentine’s Day gift sets or products that are only around during the holiday.

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