Wives Share Weird Ways Role-Playing Went Wrong.

We all know that keeping the spark alive in our marriages are sooooo important—yadda yadda yadda. But it’s not always simple. Role-playing has been said to be a great way to spice things up but sometimes it can be…dangerous. These wives are sharing their embarrassing stories about role-playing gone wrong.

“My husband and I have been married for 14 years and we needed to try something new. I read an article about role playing and how it could bring that spark back into our relationship so I set up a whole scenario for us to play out together. I decided to go the classic route and meet him at a bar. We were to act as though we’ve never met and even use fake names. When I arrived at the bar I couldn’t find my husband and it was more crowded than I expected. I didn’t want to break out of character and call him so I sat at the bar and just waited for him to stroll by and start hitting on me. I ended up talking to the bartender and gave him my fake name. He walked over and said “Veronica (not my real name), this guy over there bought you another round.” I assumed it was my husband and accepted the drink and I tried to find my husband across the room. As I was squinting, my husband’s cousin and his wife sat next to me who just so happened to be there too and spotted me when I walked in. They noticed I wasn’t wearing my wedding ring and that the bartender called me by a different name. They also noticed that I had accepted a drink from a random stranger. The jig was up and I tried to explain myself but since my husband was nowhere to be found I looked like a lair. I decided to just call my husband and as I looked at my phone I saw a bunch of texts and missed calls, apparently there were two bars with similar names and he was at the wrong one. Now his whole family knows”.

“My husband and I have always talked about role playing but we never did. But on Valentine’s Day one year, knowing that I was such a 50 Shades of Grey fan, my husband decided to set up a red room of his own. There were whips and handcuffs and of course a grey tie. I was floored by the effort he put in because my husband is typically a flowers and chocolate kind of guy. For whatever reason, I felt like this would be the best sex of my life. I mean, it’s a world-wide phenomenon. Who doesn’t get a little hot thinking about Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele? Anyway, my husband tied my legs with the grey tie and handcuffed my hands to the bed. Immediately I felt regret. It didn’t feel sexy to me, like I thought it would. I didn’t like not having any control whatsoever and I didn’t like that I couldn’t touch my husband. I asked him to remove the handcuffs but he thought I was just acting nervous and playing along. We forgot to set up a safe word. After about the longest 5 minutes of my life he realized I was not joking and he untied me. But the handcuffs were a different story. They would not come loose. He ended up having to break our headboard. We tried for hours to get the handcuffs lose. I ended up sleeping with them on still attached to a part of our headboard until we were able to get a locksmith. It was embarrassing. My husband has no idea where he had gotten the handcuffs from, he used it for a Halloween costume many years ago. He had no idea how real they actually were.”

“When my husband and I were dating in college, I kind of stumbled upon his porn stash and realized he had a fetish for a “happy endings” and so many years later when we hit a rut I decided to set up a massage parlor in our home for our anniversary. I had the cute little outfit and all. I lit candles, bought really expensive oils, and made sure everything seemed legit. When he got home and saw the set-up he was amazed, his tongue practically fell out of his mouth. Everything was going really well. As we were nearing the end, which was supposed to be “happy”, I decided to rub oil on myself as well and kind of slide up and down his back. But things quickly got out of hand and I slide off of him and knocked down a candle and it started a small fire. We both jumped into action and as we tried to get the fire under control our smoke detectors started going off but we were so focused we didn’t even notice. The doorbell started ringing and our dog started barking loudly. There was a lot of noise and panic. With everything going on, and with our bodies covered in way too much oil my husband took a nasty fall as he ran to get water. I was able to get the flames under control and luckily it wasn’t too serious. I ran over to my husband who was in a lot of pain and he told me to get the door as it might be firefighters. I completely forgot that I was naked and ended up opening the door only to find my concerned and soon to be very embarrassed neighbors.”

“I have a thing for firefighters. When my husband and I moved into our new home, he figured we’d break the new house in a bit with a wild first night. He dressed up like a firefighter and knocked on the door. I was supposed to be a damsel in distress. A few minutes after I answered the door, just as things were taking off, there were loud knocks at the door. We weren’t expecting anyone and we thought we’d just ignore it. But the knocks got louder and louder. I put on a robe and answered the door. It was an elderly neighbor who was concerned because she saw a firefighter at my door. I didn’t know it at the time, but she’s the unofficial neighborhood watch. I told her everything was fine and that I was just having a firefighter take a look around because I thought I smelled gas and I was nervous since my husband wasn’t home. She seemed satisfied with my answer and left. Just as my husband and I picked up where we left off she knocked again and asked if the firefighter could come over to her place when he was done because she was concerned that she was smelling gas too. Looks like she wanted a little firefighter action too. I told her I’d send him over when he was done, hoping she’d just go away and I’d just tell her the next day that he left in a hurry to save some lives. But about an hour later she knocked again! She said she never saw the firefighter leave. She suspected that I was cheating on my husband and I just gave up and told her the truth. She looked stunned and walked away. Later on, I found out she didn’t believe me. And not only is she the neighborhood watch but also the town reporter because she practically told everyone that I had an affair with a firefighter.”

“I’m not really a girly-girl and I don’t wear heels very often. But my husband has a thing for them, especially in the bedroom. One night I decided to surprise him with “stripper heels” and a nurse’s outfit. He was really into it and even though I took a few stumbles, he didn’t seem to notice. The heels I wore that night were so high and so uncomfortable I couldn’t wait to take them off. So when we finally made our way to the bed, I started to remove them but my husband asked me to keep them on. I figured, I wouldn’t be walking in them so I would be fine and I gave in to his request. After a few minutes of rolling around and foreplay, I accidentally kicked my husband as we were changing positions. I kicked him right above his eye and it was pretty bad. We tried to carry on but it was obvious by the look on his face and the amount of blood that he needed to go to the hospital. He ended up getting stitches and still has a nasty scar.”

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