Mother’s Day Gifts That DON’T Suck.

Motherhood is amazing but sometimes And that’s why on Mother’s Day, we deserve a little more effort. Here are 10 gifts for moms that don’t suck.

Look, I’m a sucker for mom-themed t-shirts and mugs just like the next mom. They’re funny and also serve as an explanation. I mean, what better way to explain to the world that I look like a hot mess for a perfectly good reason—-motherhood. So yes, I’ll be wearing my #momlife tee and holding my “Don’t talk to mommy until she has coffee” mug. And though Mother’s Day is for handmade cards and flowers, jewelry with your children’s initials, and all things mommy, it’s really nice to get something a little…different or unexpected. I mean, I’d still like all of those things and some R&R but there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t realize I’m a mom, so I don’t really need a lot of reminding. Maybe it’s the extra company in the bathroom, all of the extra laundry, the sleep deprivation, or the little hands that give the best hugs but sometimes get into a whole lot of trouble. I know I’m a mom, it’s the other sides of me that I have forgotten. I’m also a wife, a writer, a friend, and so many other things. But being a mom comes first, and sometimes it’s the only thing I can be. It’s amazing but it’s exhausting. So this Mother’s Day, here are some gifts that are a little off-beat that don’t suck. Do me a favor, get me one of each please!

1. Backpack or clutch.

Before motherhood, handbags were my “thang”. Kids still say that right? And every mama had a thing before motherhood as well. It’s not ideal but most days you’ll see me lugging around a really big and bulky diaper bag. That’s become…my thing. It can become so easy to pack for our children, sometimes packing more than we will ever need in that diaper bag that we forget ourselves. So, buy the mama in your life (especially if she’s a diaper bag lugging mama) a backpack (which has made a comeback by the way) or a clutch. These are easy to carry along with or without a diaper back. A clutch, especially, can easily slide into most diaper bags for easy access to credit cards, money, or well…lipgloss. Instead of having to search through an entire diaper bag. Plus, it’s nice to carry something that makes me feel like myself again.

Images: Louis Vuitton, Clapton Backpack Damier Ebene, $2,040

Coach Wristlet, Beechwood Floral Bloom, $75

2. Polaroid digital camera.

They’re back and better than ever! I’m so busy, I don’t have time to print pictures and now I have thousands of pictures on my phone. Who knows if I’ll ever get to print them. I really love this camera because it’s small and easy to use. You simply snap and print high quality pictures. And by the way, it would fit perfectly in a back pack or clutch.

Image: / Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera, about $96.40

3. Subscription service.

It’s not unusual for moms to be “off duty” on Mother’s Day, but then it’s back to motherhood and reality shortly afterwards. So, why not give a gift that makes your wife’s life easier and not just on Mother’s Day, but everyday? This one requires some thinking. Consider what would make mom’s life easier. A lot of moms put shopping for themselves on the back burner and can feel like they’ve let themselves go. If your wife/mom has expressed that she feels out of the loop or not as put together as she was prior to becoming a mom, consider a clothing or make-up subscription service so she’ll receive some expertly crafted products or clothing right to her door. If she loves cooking but seems to be overwhelmed with chores and could use help around dinner time, consider a meal plan service that simplifies cooking.


4. She-cave (Vanity/hammock).

You’ve heard of a man-cave, well it’s the same concept. Some call it a she-shed but, I’ll just skip that. Choose a place where mom can have a moment to herself, maybe a vanity wear she can go about her morning or nightly routine in peace or apply make-up. Or perhaps a indoor hammock (safely away from the kids) where she can be repaid for all of the rocking she has done to get a fussy baby to sleep.

Image:, Roundhill Furniture Sanlo White Wooden Vanity about $122.84

5. A giant bean bag chair.

Seriously, how long have these been around? Why didn’t I know sooner? Do I really need to explain this one? This chair is perfect for every single moment of “me time” and those moments are fast and fleeting and far too little of. So, yeah, get one of these.

Image:, Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair. Price varies depending on size.

6. Flowers that will never die.

(Seller: Fernandfelt)

Pressed flowers are now available on Etsy by various sellers. These flowers are incased in acrylic and make an amazing gift that is very personal. Choose mom’s favorite flowers and order these because they won’t die and they’re just stunning. They can be in frames, jewelry or even a unique phone case.

Image:, Personalized hanging resin plaque, prices vary.



  1. Congrats! I really found this post helpful.

    A link to your blog post is being featured just after Thanksgiving to help people Christmas shop for their moms. You can find your link on and all DailyMomBlogs’s related social media pages!

    If you have any questions please feel free to email me!


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