10 Reasons Why Mother’s Day Sucks.

Mother’s Day isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, let’s be honest, it’s just another day in a lot of ways.

Mother’s Day is supposed to be about showing appreciation for our mother’s and all that they have done for us. It’s also a day that father’s and husbands recognize all that moms have sacrificed and do everyday. For the most part when I think of a traditional Mother’s Day I think of breakfast in bed, flowers, handmade cards, macaroni necklaces, and a lazy Sunday in bed. But let’s face it, that’s a fantasy for most of us. Here’s 10 reasons it actually sucks.

1. It’s not a day off.

If we are lucky enough, we may get breakfast in bed or taken out for lunch but make no mistake, things still need to get done. Chores, errands, and preparing for the work week still has to happen regardless of Mother’s Day. And in the event that we are able to get away for a spa day, drinks, or to get a fresh mani and pedi, chances are we’ll return with less time on the clock but with the same to-do list as always. We just can’t win.

2. We are busy celebrating everyone else.

Instead of kicking back and letting everyone else celebrate us, we still have to plan and celebrate the other moms in our lives like our own moms, our mother-in-laws, grandmothers, aunts, and sisters. Gifts and flowers have to be purchased and get togethers have to be planned. In the blink of an eye the day is over. Having to make time for visits or an event takes up most of the day and can be really exhausting especially with younger children.

3. Our kids don’t get the memo.

If you still have children that are young, they don’t care what day it is. Tantrums will still happen, messes will be made, and you’ll still be up at the crack of dawn or even before. Mother’s Day my ass.

4. It’s nothing like Father’s Day.

Most dad’s celebrate Father’s Day by cracking open a beer or two, fishing, and enjoying a BBQ. There’s not a lot of planning on their part and the weather is usually beautiful. Why isn’t Mother’s Day the same way? Dad’s stand by the grill while moms take care of everything else.

5. Everyone thinks one day is enough.

I’m not saying we need a daily parade but wouldn’t it be nice if everyone realized how much moms do everyday and not just once a year? And maybe, just maybe, realize that we need more help? We’re the family secretary, cook, maid, waitress, shopper, and event coordinator just to name a few. There’s so much planning required just to do a grocery run. There’s always something to be done and it can feel like we’ll never come up for air. We could use more appreciation through out the year.

6. We receive everything but the one thing we want the most.

Flowers? Check. Handmade cards? Check. Mom-inspired gifts? Check. Time to relax? Nope. A day to yourself? Nope. What about a nap? No way. Most moms just want a moment to themselves or at least a day where she doesn’t have to do a damn thing. Nothing at all. Nada. No I don’t want to make breakfast that my toddler will refuse and throw on the floor. No, I don’t want to clean that up. Nope, I don’t want to do laundry or mop or vacuum or dust. Nope, I don’t want to run errands (unless it’s a Target run alone). I want to wake up, have someone make me coffee, bring me breakfast while I watch something other than Sesame Street. Then I want to take a long shower, followed by a nap. Then I’d like to get a massage, a facial, and a mani and pedi while someone else does all of my chores. Am I right?

7. It’s followed by Monday.

Who’s idea was is to have Mother’s Day fall on a Sunday? Half the day is already lost to preparing the kids for school/daycare or preparing for the work week.

8. Mom-guilt.

Mother’s Day is bitter sweet. You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. We need some alone time or time to recharge yet we feel incredibly guilty for that. On the other hand, while everyone around us is praising us, deep down we feel like we could do more or do better.

9. It’s open season for unsolicited advice.

It’s likely that you’ll visit other moms on Mother’s Day and sometimes it’s great to be around fellow moms who get it. But unfortunately, most of the time that’s not the case. It can be open season for unsolicited advice and annoying questions. It’s the perfect setting for you mother-in-law to question your parenting style or for your crazy aunt to ask when you’re going to have another child.

10. It requires a lot of planning on your part.

Let’s face it, if we want everything to go smoothly we have to plan Mother’s Day for ourselves. We’re the ones that’ll consider where to go or what to do so that the kids will be happy. We think about what time to go so that they’re not cranky and what to pack. We’re the ones that know everyone’s schedule and needs. Let’s be real, we plan a day not for ourselves really but with everyone else in mind. It’s supposed to be all about us, but it never works out that way.


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