Husbands Confess What They Really Want In Bed.

Let’s face it, we kind of already know, or do we?

Sex can change after marriage or having children. And for most of us it will change. And, well, these husbands explain what they really want in the bedroom now that things have changed a bit. And it’s pretty straight forward.

“Ever since we’ve had kids my wife is not as enthusiastic about sex. I get it, she’s tired. But before kids she was so into it. I’d prefer less sex if that meant she’d be really into it rather than a lot of mediocre sex. She just seems to roll over now like it’s her duty.”

“I miss my wife initiating sex. I feel like I’m always the one who’s in the mood and she just agrees and goes along with it.”

“More blowjobs.”

“I want her to tell me what she wants instead of acting like I’m a mind reader. I’m eager to please and nothing makes me happier than knowing that I’m doing something she likes.”

“I want her to be one top more.”

“I really want to try role playing but my wife can’t really get into it.”

“I really wouldn’t mind a threesome, at least once.”

“I really want my wife to be confident in bed again. After having a baby she seems to cover her body even when we’re having sex. It really kills the mood when she won’t let me see or touch certain parts of her body.”

“I miss the outfits my wife used to wear. I’d want to bring those back. Oh, and a sex swing seems like a lot of fun.”

“I want a night without any rules.”

“I wouldn’t mind tapping into 50 Shades of Grey. My wife seemed to be really into those books yet hasn’t incorporated it into our sex life.”

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