Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him & Her.

Cheesy card? Check. Flowers? Check. Chocolate? Check. Now that we’ve got the cliches off of the table, here are some not-so-traditional Valentine’s Day gift ideas for everyone on your list!

For the coffee lover:

Coffee subscription boxes: This is a fun way to experience different types of coffee from around the world. Companies like Atlas Coffee Club chose coffee based on your taste and preferences and ship coffee out each month from all around the world for you to enjoy. Plans start as low as $9 a month.

Coffee infused beauty products: Give someone you love these fun products from Diana’s Candles so the coffee lover in your life can even hop in the shower with the amazing aroma of a fresh cup of coffee. Pictured above are coffee soap and scrub. I love her products so give her stuff a try!

For the foodie:

S’mores maker on amazon.

Make your own chocolate truffles kit from Uncommon Goods.

For the joker:

the cat-stealing piggy bank on amazon.

This “piggy bank” has an adorable cat that pops it’s head out when ever a coin is placed on the sensor and a little paw pulls the coin in.

For the fashion lover:

Purse organizer (Amazon), so you can switch purses/bags easily or turn any bag into a diaper bag. Also great for travel.

Nike Sneakers, Nordstrom.

For the hopeless romantic:

These gloves are from Etsy seller, Warm Presents, are perfect for the hopeless romantic who never wants to let go. I’m totally going to get these and annoy the crap out of everyone! LOL.

According to the website, Diana’s Soap and Candles, their Love Spell scent will have you feeling nostalgic. What better way to remind your high school sweetheart about the good old days and take a trip down memory lane?

For the wine/beer lover:

Use these “wine bottles” to display food, for plants, or a place to lay your keys and spare change. From seller Looking Sharp Cactus on Etsy.

Beer Jelly made with ingredients found in beer from Uncommon Goods.

For the gamer:

This box from Man Crates requires a lot of brain power to open. Choose a gift card that will be placed in box and who ever you give this to will have to figure out how to get to the gift card through complicated puzzles and clues.

For the movie lover:

Etsy seller, Weird Wonder Tees, has an amazing collection of t-shirts featuring images from our favorite movies and television shows both classic and current. At just $15 a tee, you can scoop up a few of your Valentine’s favorite movies/shows inspired merchandise. My husband and I have purchased multiple shirts from them and love them!

This is a scratch off poster for the 100 most loved movies. Scratch a movie off to reveal an image when ever you view one on the list. Available on Amazon.

The spiritual one on a journey:

According to the description on Amazon, “Start Where You Are” is an interactive journal designed to help readers nurture their creativity, mindfulness, and self-motivation. It helps readers navigate the confusion and chaos of daily life with a simple reminder: that by taking the time to know ourselves and what those dreams are, we can appreciate the world around us and achieve our dreams.

For the book lover:

These Kindle cases from Etsy seller Klever Case look like old/vintage book covers.

For the techie:

Portable wireless photo printer from Cannon on Amazon.

**Photos taken from websites linked.

Hope this inspired you guys to get a little creative this Valentine’s Day

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