We are a husband and wife team that openly discuss thought provoking topics, and share tips and insight, ranging from light-hearted to the most serious of conversations. We cover dating to marriage and everything in between and what happens after you say "I do". This is a perfect platform for those still on the search for love, those in new relationships or newly engaged/married, or those looking for inspiration to keep the spark alive.

So, what exactly is the “Marrying Type”? This blog is for all of those that have already or eventually want to fall in love, get married, have a family and ride off into the sunset. We openly and honestly discuss the truth about love, dating, marriage, and parenthood. We say what you need to hear, what you’re afraid to say, and what you’re too afraid to admit. We explore everything from dating to “I do” and everything in between. We explore what happens after your walk down the aisle and the craziness that is parenthood. Join us for some serious topics with a dash of humor and sarcasm.