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It’s not always obvious when a relationship is over. 

Every relationship has its hiccups and every couple has their fights, but sometimes in the silence and in the calm, relationship die too.

You may need to adjust your “filters” in order to find your true love.

They key to finding your true love, may be adjusting your “filters”.

I have to make an appointment to have sex with my husband, and I’m totally cool with that. 

They say the key to a healthy and long lasting relationship is communication. They also say having a healthy sex life is important too. And like all couples with young children will tell you, your sex life takes a hit after you have kids. It’s no secret that it can be difficult to find time […]

I still don’t understand my mother after becoming one myself.

How could I be a good mother and have a great relationship with my daughter if I’ve never experienced a healthy relationship with my own?

10 ways your marriage really changes after having a baby. 

How your relationship really changes after having a baby. I’m guilty of thinking my relationship would not change once we had a baby. Or rather, I thought it could only improve. Having a baby will affect even the most secure relationships. You can never prepare fully for these changes and no matter how much you […]

It’s still okay to be a stay at home mom. 

It’s still okay to be a stay at home mom. As generations have changed, so have the views on a women’s role. Way back, women were told they had to stay home with their children and were not encouraged to pursue careers. My generation was taught to never depend on anyone, especially your husband for […]

5 funny truths about being married to a vegetarian.

So my husband and I watched a few documentaries and we went on a health kick. We decided to become vegans. We quit after a few days because we couldn’t seem to resist cheese. We still can’t resist cheese. We opted to become vegetarians. This should be easy right? Wrong. My husband had way more […]