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20 ways I annoyed my husband after we had a baby. 

20 ways I drove my husband crazy after I had my baby.  Follow me on Facebook and Instagram  1. I didn’t ask for help but complained about not having any help. 2. When he did help I would complain that he did it wrong. 3. I cried more than our baby did. 4. I was always grumpy because […]

20 funny ways your baby “betrays” you.

They reject your breasts like the plague. 2. They rather eat store bought baby food than the homemade food that took you hours to make. 3. They only sleep when you’re awake and wake once you’re fast asleep. 4 . The only part of you that gets any “sleep” is whatever part of your body they […]

7 comebacks for those nagging questions about having children. 

Are you getting the “When are you having kids?” question or the constant nagging for not having one yet? Maybe you’re not ready or just don’t want kids. Here are some sarcastic and witty comebacks. Sometimes it’s more fun to just be a jerk.  1. “What if you wait too long and it’s too late?” […]

What we really want to tell our habitually single girlfriends.

What we really want to tell our habitually single girlfriends: 1. Even though you post a ton of quotes and memes about being single we know it bothers you. And by the way, those posts are not making it any better. 2. Yes, I know why you’re single. I just don’t say it. You remember […]

Saving your virginity for marriage? 8 ways you may be sabotaging yourself. 

Saving your virginity until marriage? 8 ways you may be sabotaging yourself.  Regardless of your reason whether it be religious or personal, can the idea of saving your virginity until marriage actually set you up for failure? Hear me out before you curse me out. I’m not going to talk someone out of this but […]

The lies we tell our guys 

The top lies we tell our guys:  During the “just talking”, getting to know each other, or dating phase, guys are not the only ones putting on a show. We hold back some information and tone down our crazy for as long as we can. Here are some of the lies we tell. We’re not […]

Tame the Monster-in-law?

Monster-in-law to mother-in-law  Perhaps the most complicated relationship you will have in your life is the one with your mother-in-law. It’s a very trying relationship. But are there ways to navigate this tricky terrain? Or defuse the situation? Here are the most common problems and some suggestions to keep things mellow between you two.  1. […]